tell me another story, poems of you and me.

From writer, photographer, and fashion editor Emmy Marucci comes an arrestingly candid volume of poetry and photographs exploring the universality of family nostalgia, grief and loss, fear, and enduring love.

In Tell Me Another Story, Marucci examines those closest to her—her grandfather, nephew, and husband—as well as those she hardly knows—the women sitting at the next table in the diner; the roofer she meets on the train. Part 1: Me, is comprised of Emmy's own story—raw and personalwhile Part 2: You tells the stories of others. With genuine curiosity and tenderness, Marucci asks of herself, her loved ones, and perfect strangers the child's perennial question: "Will you tell me a story?"

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There is only one thing Emily Marucci values above the written word, and that's family. Born in the late '80s to a creative brood (her father always had a camera in his hands, filming Christmas as if it were a movie set), Marucci found deep inspiration in storytelling, a nightly ritual at the dinner table. This constant narrative combined with emotional outpouring—from crying to kissing on the cheeks to dancing to listening to her grandfather’s trumpet sing—all formed her childhood memories and make her feel at home.

Becoming a young poet was a natural next step. She eventually moved to New York City and gathered an artistic cohort, taking nostalgic snaps with a 35mm camera and writing for zines. What began as an amateur expression evolved into SHK Magazine, a digital hub created from scratch, featuring the likes of Lorde, Tove Lo, and Langley Fox Hemingway. She has created digital copy for Lord & Taylor, Hudson's Bay, Tarin Thomas, Cienne NY, LuMee, McCann, Nexxus NY Hair Care and most recently, for sustainable fashion brand EILEEN FISHER.